Training is about personal development at grass roots level, whether you’re learning how to cope with your own VAT returns or want to do a hair-raising bungee jump with a reasonable amount of confidence. You learn facts and take new knowledge on board – the practical stuff – but the training experience is much richer and deeper than that.

Here are five direct and indirect ways in which good quality training ultimately benefits your business.

  1. Improving self-awareness and self-knowledge: When you understand what drives you and motivates you from a business perspective, and why, you’re in a stronger position on a personal level to develop your skills even further. Once you know where you are, you know where to go.
  2. Identifying and improving your potential means you’re free to generate more profit: When you’re more skilled and confident you have extra practical and emotional tools at your disposal to take your business to the next level. Learning new skills and building on your expertise saves money too, because you can take out-sourced tasks back in-house.
  3. Spiritual development: Personal development enhances quality of life. It’s hard to beat the warm inner glow you get from an excellent training course where you’ve done much more than simply absorb a load of facts. You’ve connected with your fellow delegates and your trainer on a special level which does the human spirit good. You take the feeling away with you and it lasts for life. Think back to the best training course you’ve ever attended and you’ll feel it all over again. Happy people grow bigger, better businesses and positive thinking is powerful stuff in a business context.
  4. Boosting your employability: The employment landscape is incredibly competitive right now. Good training puts you in a stronger position if you’re about to join or re-join the job market. Whether you’re running a business or looking for your dream career move, training and personal development support your aspirations.
  5. Lowering stress levels: If you’re perpetually in terror of the VAT man, you’re permanently in a state of low-level stress. If you don’t understand the ins and outs of your computer systems and keep having to ask for help, it’ stressful. When you develop the key skills you need to run your business smoothly without having to think about it, you can relax and get on with your long term plans.

You’ll find my courses professional and uplifting. You’ll come away feeling confident in your new abilities, buoyed up by the experience and ready to take on the scary money stuff with renewed vigour. Click through to my courses section and see what’s on offer.