VAT & Customs is typically assumed to be the sole province of highly-paid specialists rather than those of us who manage our clients’ day-to-day accounts. It’s not altogether surprising, as VAT & Customs does indeed require a certain level of specialist understanding. But ask yourself this – how would both you and your clients benefit if you and your staff were able to offer them expert advice on VAT & Customs?

For example, most business owners already understand that they can claim certain expenses back through the company. However, many are unaware of the full range of things that could be claimed back and find themselves missing out on opportunities to save money without even realising it. What they need is someone either within their own organisation with all the appropriate knowledge, or to engage with the expertise of an experienced professional.

No accountant can afford to run the risk of finding themselves out of their depth when it comes to VAT & Customs. Not only would you almost certainly lose the client in question, you could even find yourself liable for damages if it can be proven that the penalty was incurred due to your own negligence. There’s no shame in admitting there’s a hole in your knowledge and seeking expert advice whenever necessary. In fact, it’s an extremely wise decision!

This is precisely why I work closely with accountants and bookkeepers to help them better understand VAT & Customs regulations. By engaging with an expert like me, they are able to offer their clients an extra degree of security and expertise when it comes to issues like International Trade, Customs duties, TOMS, and Margin Schemes. I can also assist them and their clients whenever it is necessary to engage with HMRC directly, which can make negotiations much easier for everybody involved.

In addition to my advisory services, I offer a range of workshops, in order to help accountants and their staff improve their own level of knowledge and offer a more extensive service to their clients. Not only does this allow them to better serve their existing clients, it can also up new business avenues to them – a win-win situation for everyone!

Nobody can be an expert in absolutely everything, but they can most certainly take advantage of an expert’s knowledge in conjunction with their own. If you try it, your clients will be delighted with the level of service you can offer and your practice will be accelerated ahead of the competition!