As usual there’s a host of news stories about VAT around. Here are just a few of the most interesting and impactful, in brief, in the plainest English we can summon given that the EU VAT scene is so horribly complicated.

  1. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says they’re planning to cut sales tax on online newspapers. The move will give national governments the right to put in place reduced VAT rates
  2. The EC is also determined to reform and simplify the EU VAT regime for B2C internet goods retailers, part of a 16 part initiative
  3. The UK will increase the annual reporting threshold for Intrastat reporting from £1.2m to £1.5m, but the limit for Dispatches will stay the same at a quarter of a million pounds
  4. HMRC is stepping up investigations into EU VAT fraud in the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industries
  5. The EC is is looking at whether to add VAT to crowdfunding which, if it goes ahead, could mean UK crowdfunded projects will face paying 20% VAT on investor returns
  6. HMRC has provided updated guidance on the VAT paid on discounts that sellers give for early invoice payment
  7. David Cameron has ruled out the prospect of a UK VAT rise immediately after the general election, assuming the Tories win
  8. David Cameron supports exemption for micro businesses in 2015’s amended B2C digital services VAT rules
  9. The UK will finally close a tax loophole costing almost £100m a year, affecting the recovery of VAT by banks and insurers with foreign branches
  10. The UK VAT registration threshold has gone up from £81,000 to £82,000 per year

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