VAT can be horribly complicated. But it’s really important to know your stuff. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one man band, small business or larger organisation. If you’re dealing with VAT you need to know the basics to avoid falling foul of the system.

If you import or export goods or services to or from the UK, the same applies. Knowledge is power, and understanding the basics puts you in a position of strength. Which is exactly what you need in an economic landscape as challenging as this!

As a freelancer, contractor or one man band, you’re responsible for paying the correct taxes. As the owner of a larger company it’s your job to make sure your people know how to complete VAT returns properly and accurately, so you don’t end up throwing money away or find your organisation under investigation.

I’ve been running courses in Brighton and Hove for some time and they go down a storm with local businesses. So I’m taking two of the most popular on the road over the next three months, visiting four key locations across Britain: Brighton, Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol.

Course 1 – Essential VAT for Business Owners, Book-keepers and Accounting Staff

This one’s absolutely perfect for book-keepers and accounting professionals who want to get their reporting to HMRC right. We’ll go over the basics, dismiss your misconceptions and make certain your knowledge is up to date. My aim? To make your business more profitable by decreasing your VAT liability, while reducing the risk of nasty VAT penalties and expensive interest payments.

Together we’ll cover all your issues and questions in detail and you’ll leave with a clear, accurate, detailed picture of how to make VAT work for instead of against your business:

A deeper understanding of the complexities of VAT

  • Better awareness of areas where people make mistakes, and the knowledge you need to avoid making them in the first place
  • Confidence in the advice you give to others
  • The ability to provide a better service to your clients or employer
  • Save valuable time dealing with VAT
  • The potential to make more money

Course 2 – International Transactions – Importing, Exporting Goods & Services to and from the UK

If your business buys and sells goods and services to and from outside the UK, this is the course for you. It’s also ideal for book-keepers and accounting professionals who want to give a better service to clients who trade internationally.

With my help and support you’ll gain a clear understanding of the complexity of trading goods and services abroad, and you’ll know how to handle it with aplomb.

At the end of the course you’ll know how to:

Sell overseas in Europe and beyond, growing your business in fresh, lucrative directions

  • Ship goods abroad without having to charge your customers UK VAT, which puts you in a better competitive position
  • Refund VAT you’ve charged to customers via proof of export, building stronger relationships and driving customer loyalty
  • Slash carrier and agent fees to increase your profits

 Get full details and to book your place

For full details about my courses and to book your place, click through to my Courses page. I hope to see you soon – I’m looking forward to putting your business on the right VAT, import and export track!

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