I am looking for businesses who are having difficulty with their VAT.
  • Not registered but should be.
    • They should register before they are approached by HMRC to mitigate the interest and up to 100% penalties
  • Registered but in arrears with their VAT and or other tax liabilities.Anything else you can think of.
I am working with Dave Farmer of Lime Consultancy who have access to specialist VAT finance schemes. These operate based on advancing a percentage of turnover with the loan then repaid as a percentage of sales over the next VAT period.
The benefit is that VAT can be paid direct to HMRC, meaning you have an alternative to seeking a time to pay agreement or breaching any existing time to pay agreement. In this way you can avoid HMRC taking action against you, or imposing payment penalties.
The process of putting the agreement in place is handled by Lime Consultancy who liaise directly with the business. The purpose and nature of the scheme means it is open to businesses with CCJs or a poor credit history.
To sum it up. We do the hard work and make it as painless and straightforward as possible for the client.