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International Transactions – Non UK Business Trading With or In the UK

Location: Singapore Course Length: Full Day Click for dates Buy Now: £249 

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The importance of getting it right:

This one day workshop will be going into the VAT basics to give a non European business an understanding about the concept of European VAT harmonisation and in particular the working practices of the UK. However, this workshop will be where possible tailored to the learning requirements of the delegates.


  •  The EU Member States
  • The concept of European VAT
  • The VAT jargon
  • UK VAT and Customs Duties
  • The UK as gateway to Europe
  • Importing into Europe
  • Exporting goods from the UK
  • Registering for VAT in the UK
  • Agents

This workshop is suitable for: Any business who buys and sells goods and services to and from outside the UK.  For bookkeepers and accounting professionals who wish to provide a better service to their clients who trade internationally.


What’s in it for you: You will gain a clear understanding of the complexity of the International Trade of Goods and Services and correctly account for these complex transactions. Gain confidence to:


  • Grow your business by trading with the UK and Europe
  • Sell your services to Europe
  • Ship goods to Europe
  • Cut down carrier and other agent’s fees thus increasing your profits.


Next Date:

  • 30 October – Singapore
  • 8 November – Singapore

Time: 9.30am – 16. 30pm

Course Cost: £249

Course Code: VATCUST IT -Non UK

Location: Singapore

Price: £249.00

Essential VAT for Business Owners, Book-keepers and Accounting staff

Location: Brighton, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol Course Length: 1 Day Click for dates Buy Now: £249 (+VAT)

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The importance of getting it right:

This is a one day workshop where we will go through VAT basics to give you a clear understanding of the different rates of VAT and how they relate to your business. I will help book-keepers and accounting staff “up their game” in order to maximise the VAT that their clients or employers can reclaim on purchases and get the output tax correct on sales.

Output Tax

  •  The VAT rules; output VAT, input VAT, zero Rate, exempt
  • Services, the new place of supply rules
  • Do you charge VAT on non business supplies, samples and gifts
  • The VAT invoice, what information required
  • How to account for VAT as an agent
  • International movement of goods, imports, exports and triangulation

Input VAT

  • How to reclaim input VAT
    • Partial exemption
    • Business expenses
    • Entertaining and gifts
    • Motor expenses and mileage
  • Tax points and retrospective VAT reclaims
  • Non UK invoices
  • Imported goods and services
  • How to check a VAT number
  • Discounts
  • The VAT Schemes: Flat Rate, TOMS, Cash accounting, Margin Scheme

The importance of : EC Sales Lists, Intrastat Returns and other EU reporting requirements

This workshop is suitable for:Bookkeepers and accounting professionals who recognise the importance of getting the reporting to HMRC right:  In this workshop we will go over the basics to clear up any misconceptions and ensure that your knowledge is up to date and therefore making your business more profitable by decreasing the VAT liability and reducing the risk of VAT penalties and interest. We will make sure that we cover your issues. Thus ensuring that at the end of the workshop you are clear about VAT relating to your business.

What’s in it for you: You will develop a greater understanding of the complexities of VAT. You’ll be more aware of areas where mistakes are made and you’ll find out how to avoid them. You will feel more confident in the advice you give your client or employer. And you’ll give a better service as a result, saving time and potentially making more money.

Next Dates:  

  • 13 September – Brighton
  • 27 September – Glasgow
  • 18 October – Bristol
  • 30  November – Birmingham
  • 7 December – Brighton

Time:  9.30am – 4.30pm

Course Cost: £249 (+VAT)

Course Code: VAT-EVB

Course Location: Brighton, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham

Price: £249.00

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