VAT and Customs Advice from the VAT Lady

Forward planning saves business lives! It’s really important to think about how you’ll deal with the VAT implications of every major business transaction. The last thing that you want when the deal is signed is to realise that you may have saved money by looking at the VAT and Customs tax burden but also that you may be in breach of the tax law. Where VAT is concerned it’s much better safe than sorry. If you’re not 100% confident you’ll get it right, contact me to talk things through. I’m a VAT expert and two heads are definitely better than one! With my help you’ll stay legal and compliant, and your VAT burden will be as low as we can make it. Which means you boost your profits. When to call me in?

How can The VAT Lady help you?

I offer three different programmes, so you can decide exactly what level of input you and your staff need from me. Whatever programme you choose, we will always begin with a no-cost chat to get to know each other and identify how I can best help you. Let’s look at the different programmes…

The Bronze Package: VAT & Customs review
This is a one day review where I come in and talk to the directors and staff of your business to ascertain exactly what you are currently selling, and to whom too that you would like to sell. This programme is ideal for any CEOs, managers and senior staff who draft the sales and purchase agreements, as well as finance departments who want to deepen their understanding of VAT and Customs.

Throughout the day we’ll cover both Output and Input VAT…

Output VAT – Sales/ supplies

We will begin by looking closely at the VAT treatment of your supplies and identifying areas where you can improve. Are you applying the correct rate of VAT to your sales? Are you using any of the different VAT schemes, such as Cash Accounting, TOMS or Margin Schemes? Would such a scheme be beneficial?

Input VAT
There are always VAT savings to be found when you look at the VAT treatment of purchase invoices. In addition, HMRC are hot on the treatment of expenses, cars and business entertaining (the grey areas). In many cases, insufficient VAT has been reclaimed – money that could easily have been reinvested into the business. Just imagine the potential savings that will come from doing a 4 year backdated VAT reclaim using Excel interrogation software…

You will finish with a detailed plan for putting things right and moving the business forward again. Any penalties incurred due to mis-declarations and similar mistakes will be minimised, so you can concentrate on the future and your increased profits. Not only that, but you’ll have all the knowledge you need to take full responsibility for the tax compliance of the business and ensure that everything is kept running smoothly in the future.

The Silver Package – Training
This programme consists of one day VAT & Customs training workshop or workshops tailored to suit your business and employee needs. If you want your finance department, accounting staff, sales or purchase ledger, or logistics department to be develop a better understanding of VAT & Customs then not only will I make it happen, I’ll make it fun too!

I make a real effort to keep VAT from being boring, keeping things relaxed and easy to understand. It’s my job to make sure you relate the information you gain to the specific needs of your business. Because it’s important to tailor the information to your specific needs, I’ll ask you what you want to achieve from your training up front, in order to make sure you and your staff get the most out of it.

This is key to the success of my workshops. I don’t lecture – I interact, so you’ll find my training lively and inspiring.

Your staff will finish the day with everything they need to ensure that the business is correctly accounting for VAT and if appropriate, Customs duty on sales and purchases. This will increase profits due to increased input VAT reclaims, as well as giving both you and HMRC extra assurance that you are tax compliant. The risk of VAT penalties will be dramatically reduced – so much so that you needn’t fear a visit from HMRC again!

Bespoke training material will provided to all attendees. If, after the training, your staff need further clarification, I will be available to answer questions through email, so you can rest assured that they’ll be well-equipped to act on everything they’ve learnt.

The Gold Package: Tax compliance project – review, training and follow up
This programme builds directly on the Silver Package. Not only will I provide the same fun but intensive training to your staff, I will work with your business to correct any tax and accounting irregularities, identify non-compliance of other taxes and offer you the advice you need to get things back on track.

I’ll even assist with the preparation and review of any impending VAT returns that need to be submitted.

You will enjoy all the benefits of the Silver Package and will also have gained an experienced ‘ in-house’ VAT & Customs manager (me!) for the period of your contract. This will assure HMRC that your business is compliant and paying the correct amount of VAT & Customs duty. Whenever necessary, I will connect you with other tax professionals, who will advise on PAYE, income and corporate taxes (subject to contract).

Combined with your staff’s new skills, there’s simply no better way to ensure your business is fully tax compliant.

My other services

  • I also offer a range of specific advisory services, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a great team without the headache of employing full-time staff. This includes…
  • Acting as an off-site VAT & Customs manager and department, handling…
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Intrastats, EC sales lists etc
  • Customs clearance and import VAT reclaims
  • Acting as an off-site finance department, providing you with the services of a first-rate sales and purchase ledger, finance manager and finance director all at once

Providing off-site Customs clearance services to ensure all commodity and customs codes are correct, as well as taking care of your import and export paperwork, freeing up a considerable amount of time for your staff
You’ll save money (potentially a lot of money!) and enjoy the assurance that comes from knowing knowledgeable professionals are keeping you tax compliant!

Please CONTACT ME if you’d like to discuss any of these programmes in detail in order to find which one is right for you and your business.